Mac stroke of midnight eyeshadow swatches

Hannah Renée

For the price and the quality. Just bought the Essentials Brush Kit today because I was on the verge of getting a 2nd And I gave in and got the set. My main concern is for the If the quality is iffy, I might return it and get a regular instead.

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Any thoughts re: the quality of these brushes? Take a look! A bit disappointing. Me too! This years packaging looks tres chic! This one is a bit too mature for my taste.

  • Mac - Cinderella - Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette (LE).
  • Mac's Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette - jackie 0. monroe;
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Meh, nothing really all that exciting here to me. Shut up and take my money!!!!! Maybe with the butterflies and glass slippers. So basically is promised to add high shimmer and shine with or without shadow. This product is now sold out and does not have a twin in the regular line. So good news is I did find a use for it but overall I hated the product. I have never tried the studio eye gloss before and never will again. While this product has the most amazing shimmer and shine it feels a goopy sticky mess however you wear it.

Under shadow, Over shadow, or alone I just dont see how it is practical at all. I have found it does make a nice brow bone highlight but it is still sticky when applied just not as irritating. Alone it does have a nice pretty shine and wet look but I cant stand how sticky it is : I have tried every possible configuration of this stuff and it is just going to be an over shadow highlight and nothing more.

Now I know not to buy the product again for sure. The description says it is a deep smoked violet with red pearl. As always it is a very soft liner but I do wish more the the red tones show through. I will for sure pick the color up again though. I used this with a flat brush and it has become my go to liner for now.

There is a gorgeous shimmer to this liner but if not applied perfect at least on my it looks a little spotty and smears. Finally the best item in this haul was for sure the Stroke Of Midnight eyeshadow Palette.

MAC Warm Eyes Palette Swatches, Review & EOTD - Stroke of Midnight Holiday - Blushing Noir

It features the colors Vapour, Phloof! Now I am not one for neutral palettes at all.

MAC Stroke of Midnight Eye Bag Swatches and Review

Ready or not, the holidays are here. What better inspiration for a new MAC holiday collection than the moment when we all want to look our best…just before that big, lucky kiss? First, the bag is a stunner in its deco-inspired lines. Black, white and gold is a classic combination and the graphic lining screams Chanel. I will be using this as a clutch this holiday season since it is way to pretty to hide.

Blitz and Glitz can definitely be worn in place of plain black liner without fear of looking too glam for the day. Genuine Treasure is a somewhat sheer wash of sooty gold — with emphasis on the gold. This one Paint Pot will extend your shadow collection a hundred fold. But how should we apply these?

A Glittery Gold MAC Stroke of Midnight Party-Appropriate Face of the Day

Probably the prettiest brush you will own , again with the black, white and gold color theme. What I love best about this mascara is the tapered paddle handle that makes twisting off easy and feels ergodynamic when applying. The tube itself is quite big, as is the straight applicator with nubby plastic bristles instead of a brush.