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Smart Rounding can set convex and concave corners individually as well as maximum length. Also, even with large amount of text, it can process as a batch in a blink of an eye. Smart Rounding is the best tool to round off the corner of text. The Live Wallpaper fills a designated area with copies of the selected artwork.

Live Blurred Path blurs the edge of the selected object to blend into the background. The position and direction of the blurred area can be controlled from the filled area. Live Rotate Mirror cuts off specified the area of the selected object and duplicates like mirrored image. It can also include the reflection symmetry based from the rotation axis.

Illustrator CC compatible version, Xtream Path 2. Note: Xtream Path 2. All Versions. BetterHandles Overview. BetterHandles ia an Adobe Illustrator tool for creating and editing curve handles. If you work with curves in Illustrator, you need BetterHandles: -Select multiple handles, and collectively move, extend, rotate, or retract them -Extend or retract handles without changing their angles -Copy and paste handles -Edit points numerically: anchor, in handle, out handle -Convert multiple points from corner to Smooth or vice versa -Automatically extend new handles on multiple points -Intuitively reshape path segments, optionally constraining handle directions -Use slow-drag to divide the cursor Movement for extremely precise moves -Equalize a point's handles -See all the handles on a path while editing it -Split a path at one or more points -Delete one or more points and close The Path around them -Remove all redundant points on multiple paths -See when the cursor is over a handle, point, or path — without having to use SMART Guides Version 1.

BetterHandles Tech Specs. Better Alex Portrait and Sprite Mod. Better Dino Eggs. Better Horses Epona. Better Sebastian Sprite. Better Starfruit. Better TV Dialogue. Better Windows Content Pack. Better woods. BFAV Armadillo. BFAV Bulls. BFAV Crows. BFAV Dragons. BFAV Frogs.

BFAV Geckos. BFAV Hedgehogs. BFAV Seagulls. BFAV Squirrels. Big slime Re skin. Bigger Shed. Bigger Sheds. Birthday Reminder Mail. Black and Purple Transparent Interface. Black And White Mod. Black Elliott Edit for Content Patcher. Blacksmith Furniture. Blake Belladonna as Abigail. Blonde Emily CP. Blossom Trees v1. Blue Wood Furniture. BlueWind95 Cat Sphynx Replacer.

CValley Xtream Path 1.4 for Adobe Illustrator

Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension. Boat Horse - Content Patcher. Bof 3 Animals for Content Patcher. Bof Monsters Content Patcher. Boomer Sipp. Bregs Crafting. Bregs Fish. Bregs Flooring. Bregs Goats. Bregs Monsters. Bright Dig Spots Content Patcher. Bugmeat Recipes. Busty Abigail. Busty Bessie Sebastian. Busty Gothic Abigail. Busty Leah. Bye Bye Clint Hello Clarice. Cabin Replacement - Seasonal Vanilla. Cabins as Sheds. Cairn Terrier and West highland White Terrier. Cannabis Related Events. Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for Korea. Capitalist Dream Farm 2. Cat in a Coat.

Cat's seasonal hats. Century Event. Chain Chomp dog. Change Horse to Mudsdale. Charles' Colored Cursors. Cherry Blossom's Better Beds Mod. Ches's Sam Portrait Mod. Child To NPC. Chill Leah. Chinchilla As Pet mod prolly wont work. Chocolate Rabbits. Christmas NPCs. Chubby Haley Content Patcher. Chubby Puppy Dog Replacer. CK's Ducati Motorbike. Clean and Block for Barns and Coops. Clean Greenhouse. Clean Resizable Cellar Content Patcher. Cleaner Cellar. Clint Marriage Mod.

Clint narrative overhaul PT-BR. CN Futanari Player. Coffee In The Fall. Coffee Maker. Coii's All Hats Pack. Coii's Basic Shirts Pack. Coii's Girls Sets Pack.

Coii's Hair Sets Pack. Cold Weather Haley - Content Patcher. Color Valley. Colored Seeds. Colorful Junimo Plushies. Colorful Shoes. Combat Made Easy Suite. Combined Girl Mod. Common Legendary Fish. Content Pack version of lillvik's bigger standard farm. Content Patcher - Beta-Inspired Haley. Content Patcher - Daft Punk Hats. Content Patcher - Dirt bike 9 colors. Content Patcher - Durarara Horse and Motorcycle. Content Patcher - Fixed Mouse House. Content Patcher - lilsimsie scarecrow.

Content Patcher - Lolita Fashion Bachelorettes. Content Patcher - Minecraft Paintings. Content Patcher - More Beds in Farmhouse. Content Patcher - Primitive Artisan Equipment. Content Patcher - Sleipnir. Content Patcher - Wedding Ring Replacement. Content Patcher Animations. Content Patcher Dialogue Tutorial. Content Patcher Rikuo's Character Portaits. Content Patcher Version for Rose's Interior. Content Scale Portraits. Coop and Barn Facelift Content Patcher. Coordinated Crafting Bars - Content Patcher.

Copper's Crystal Obelisks. Country Emily. Country Haley. CourageTheCowardlyDog Pet. Cp - 4 designs - Medieval silo. CP - Bernese Mountain dog. CP - Mac Daddy Pierre. Cp - Medieval buildings. CP - Nady's Beehouses. CP - Pitbull Terriers. CP Alex and Sebastian Fix. CP Christmas Candyland. CP Hippy Trailer Home. CP Larger Passageways. CP Nintendo Furniture. CP Pams Trailer Home. CP Red Beard Clint 1. CP Snek Items. CP TheyThem Abigail. CP Wooden Trailer Home. Crab Pot Bait Recolor.

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Craftable Mushroom Boxes. Craftables Remake Project Chest Repalce. Crafting Recipes Expanded. Crib Replacement - Toy Pile. Critical Crow - CR rarecrows for content patcher. Cursors Loader CP. Custom Linens for Content Patcher. Custom NPC - Denver. Custom npc John.

An Adobe illustrator tool for creating and editing curve handles.

Custom npc Lyell. Customizable Fish Behavior. Cute Pastel Calendar. Cute Valley - Blue. Cute Valley - Pink. Cuter Cellar. Cuter Coops and Barns. Cuter Fatter Pigs. Cuter Futan Bears. D-Dog from MGS5. Dark Brown Interface for Content Patcher. Dark Brown Transparent Interface. Dark Furniture. Dark Skull Cavern. Dark User Interface.

Dark Wood Craftable Plus v1. Dark Wood Slime Craftables. Darker Dirt and Cliffs. Daybreak Farm. Desert Farm. Dino Ducks.

xtream path 1.4 mac

Dinosaur Replacement - Turtle. Dog Collection by Lynn0. Dragon's Advancing Sprinklers Content Patcher. Duggy Tweak Content Patcher. Dwarf Sans. DZK's Fanciful Resources. Easy Gift - Everybody Loves Parsnips. Echidnae for BFAV. Edited wallpapers and floors by Lynn0. Eemie's Cute Long Hairstyles. Eemie's Grass Variety for Content Patcher. Eemie's Medieval Modern Buildings.

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Eemie's Victorian Buildings for CP. Elle's Barn Animal Replacements. Elle's Cat Replacements Content Patcher. Elle's Coop Animal Replacements. Elle's Dog Replacements Content Patcher.

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Elle's Grass Replacement Content Patcher. Elle's Horse Replacements. Elle's Kitchen Replacement Content Patcher. Elle's New Horses Content Patcher. Elle's Seasonal Buildings Content Patcher. Elliott Dialogue Expansion. Elven Krobus. Emily Blonde Extension. Emily Dialogue Expansion. Emily Dialogue Expansion Chinese. Emily Sprite Edit. Emily sprite edit 1C Content Patcher. Emoji Rarecrow. Enchanted Garden Buildings.

Enhanced Farmhouse. Enhanced Player Sprites. Erin's Festival Map edit. Erossavia's Dark Brown Brick Path. Erossavia's Double Shed. Erossavia's Ranch. Erossavia's Tree Happy Greenhouse. Evelyn's Friendship Garden Pot. Evolve Your Dog Into Arcanine. Only for the CP Arcanine files. Expanded Access Maps. Expanded Cellar. Expanded Foraging Farm. Extreme Makeover Emily.

Fairy And Fairy Bushes mod no worky anymore. Fallout Valley. Fancier Galaxy Sword. Farm Cave Redo. Farm Extended. Farmer Vitiligo. Farmhouse Floor Strip Fix. Farmhouses Enhanced. Farming Made Easy Suite. Faster Animal Products. Feowinn's Portrait Overhaul. Fertilizer Sacks. Festivals Recolor. FGO Abigail skin for Jas. Fippsie's Alternative Lamp Posts. Fippsie's Animated Lamp Posts. Fippsie's Animated Trees. Fire Emblem Swords Pack. Fire Emblem Valley Content Patcher. First Farmhouse Reimagined. Fishing Made Easy Suite. Fishstyle Buildings. Fixed truncated French dialogues.

Flamingo Scarecrows. Floraphile Emily - CP. Flower Color and Reharvest Mechanics. Flower Decorative UI. Flowering Fields. Flowery Fence s mod prolly doesnt work anymore. Flowery Pink Houses. Fox's Maps Enhancer.

Freshwater Tilapia. Froststar11's Butterflies. Froststar11's Canine Collection dog replacer. Froststar11's Cleaner Barns and Coops. Froststar11's Cleaner Cellar. Froststar11's Farm Expansion. Froststar11's Greenhouse and Arboretum. Froststar11's Hedgehogs Rabbit Replacement. Froststar11's Simple Greenhouse.

Froststar11's Tiny Kitchen. Fwippy's Subdued Summer Crop Recolor. Garden Grass. Garden Pot Retexture. Gender Neutrality Mod. Geode George. George and Evelyn Developed. George dialogue edits no more homophobia and ableism. German Non-Friendable Charackter. Gift-able Artifacts. Gigi's Custom Shirts. Gigi's Farmer Soap Hairstyles. Girl Mod. Glass Milk Bottles for Content Patcher. Gold Clock Out House.

Goose CP. Goth Abby. Goth Marriable Villagers. Governor to Gourmet. Governor Expansion Mod. Governor Expansion Mod Chinese Translation. Grandpa's Grove Foraging Farm. Grassy Hills Farm CP. Green Pastures Farm.

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Only required if you are using the optional content patcher compatible version. Greenfingers Mayo. Greenhouse Message. Grey and White Tabby. Greys Wallpapers and Floors. Gus To Ban. Haley 8-Heart Event - Updated Photos. Haley Bunny Suit. Haley Dialogue Expansion. Haley is now Popuri Content Patcher version. Halloween Feelings. Handsome Sam. Harder Gift Tastes for Content Patcher. Harvey - Now with Beard. Harvey Dialogue Expansion. Harvey Hates Apples. Harvey Marriage Expansion.