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After the coedition contract. Assessing which titles have rights potential. Preparing sales material. Identifying key markets and potential partners publishing directories, websites, bookfairs. Preparing for selling rights at international book fairs. Model contract 3: Publishers supplying individual e-books direct to customers. Pricing of e-books and effect on print sales. Territorial rights issues for e-books in multinational languages. No standard e-book format to run on all devices. Increased electronic piracy but often from scanned copies of print editions ; should e-books be DRM-protected?

What can end users do with e-books? Are they buying them or renting access to them? Copyright Director at Pearson Education Ltd. Long-term experience in the promotion and sale of rights in educational, academic and professional titles. Author of a range of practical handbooks on copyright and licensing for publishers in central and eastern Europe , Russia and China published in local languages.

Specialties Specialised in copyright, licensing and contracts, with a particular interest in emergent and transitional markets. Dominador D. This dialogue has been an eye opener for Malaysian publishers to understand better on trade copyright. Each country representative had given a very invaluable information regarding this industry in their own perspective and vast experince in dealing with copyright trading. Harta Intelek Intellectual Properties; Ip merupakan aset yang sangat berharga bagi sesebuah syarikat penerbitan.

Namun masih ramai penerbit yang masih belum menyedari potensi sebenar IP mereka untuk menjana pendapatan dalam bentuk pelesenan hak subsidiari. Justeru, masih ramai lagi yang belum melakukan langkah-langkah sewajarnya bagi mendaftarkan IP syarikat mereka dengan pihak yang berkenaan. Menerusi seminar ini, peserta akan mengenal pasti nilai dan kepingan IP di syarikat mereka, cara-cara melindungi IP tersebut serta mengenal pasti potensi IP untuk menjana pendapatan bagi syarikat. Peserta juga akan didedahkan dengan insentif dan kemudahan yang disediakan kerajaan bagi mengeksport IP ke peringkat antarabangsa.

Penekanan kepada IP sebagai salah satu penjana pendapatan syarikat ini bersesuaian dengan peningkatan kepentingan industri kreatif sebagai salah satu penyumbang besar kepada Keluaran Dalam Negara Kasar. The Gala Dinner is on 16 April at 6. Dress code: Estimated to guests are expected to attend the Gala Dinner. Highlights for the Gala Dinner are: The night will be entertained by a famous group band, The Alleycats.

Each member will be entitled for one 1 person free dinner ticket. Any inquiries for the Gala Dinner, please contact the person in charge below: Sales and purchase of ticket: Mr Raymond Yeo. Advertisement in Souvenir Book: Mrs Zainora Muhamad. Come join the Gala Dinner! This is the best occasion for you to meet and network with other members and industry fellows, while celebrating the 42 nd anniversary of the establishment of MABOPA.

For RSVP your attendance, please complete the enclosed reply slip and fax to or email to mabopahq gmail. Thank you. Young Poh Loon Organizing Chairman. The whole level 5 will be use for the trade fair. There will be amenities like lounge, wifi, secretariat personals to help the participants and trade visitors.

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The TCC is designed to be; a compact - Open for 4 days, b focused - It starts 2 days earlier than the consumer fair, to give chance to the publishers to focus on business to business meeting. You can participate by; a Buying a 2 x 2 meter booth for USD This is suitable for publishers with a good number of title to show.

You will get a book shelf, a table, 4 chairs. This is suitable especially for rights and literary agent. Participants will be able to visit the consumer fair when KLIBF opens to public on Friday, 22th April, and attend the general opening of the fair on Saturday, 23th April. Persatuan Penerbit Buku Malaysia dan Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia telah sama-sama menerangkan peranan dan fungsi mereka kepada masyarakat.

Antara perkara yang dibincangkan termasuk mengadakan kempen kesedaran tentang hakcipta, latihan dan maklumat terkini yang boleh di sampaikan dan digunakan oleh ahli-ahli persatuan. We had a full house session for the Ebay Seminar held at our Mabopa office in Dataran Prima this morning. More than 50 Mabopa members came. There were the usual goodie bag by Ebay and light refreshment too. This exclusive free of charge Ebay Seminar was brought to you by Mabopa. The annual event will bring together a comprehensive range of international players alongside local companies in a Pan-Asian event serving the Information and Knowledge Management Profession.

The event will focus on 5 key information industry sectors: Penyertaan mendapat sambutan yang baik dari 26 penerbit-penerbit tempatan yang sangat berminat dalam pengeksportan hakcipta. Ahli panel forum terdiri daripada Mr. Trasvin Jittidecharak dari Silkwormbooks Thailand yang telah berkongsi pengalaman mereka yang luas dalam penjualan hakcipta di peringkat antarabangsa. Moderator pada hari itu adalah Puan Zainora Muhamad dari Cerdik Publications Sdn Bhd yang mempunyai pengalaman lebih 20 tahun dalam industri penerbitan di Malaysia.

Pada sesi seterusnya, peserta seminar didedahkan dengan langkah-langkah persediaan bahan untuk dieksport serta cara pemasaran oleh Bapak Nung Atasana, Pengurus Pemasaran Antarabangsa dari Gramedia, Indonesia yang mempunyai pengalaman selama lebih 30 tahun dalam bidang ini. Encik Jonathan Ng dari Jonathan Ng Publishers' Agency, Malaysia pula membincangkan tentang bagaimana untuk membuat perjanjian kontrak yang sesuai. Pada sebelah petang, peserta telah diberi pendedahan pula tentang peluang-peluang yang ada untuk mereka melabur dalam industri penjualan hakcipta.

Magali Tardivel and Mr.

It was a historical moment as the exco held its 8th Executive Committee Meeting on 19th May By Young Poh Loon. Hotel One World. Petaling Jaya. The guest of honour was Y. Tan Sri Dato' Hj. Alimuddin Bin Hj. The turn out was a bit low due to the date being the eve of Deepavali and some members were away at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Bhg Tan Sri Dato' Alimuddin. Nevertheless, it was a good opportunity to be able to meet up with Tan Sri and the members appreciate his willingness to listen and his commitment to address the problems which was brought up by the members. E-books issue in Terengganu. The need to limit subjects in SPM. The translation subsidy for critical books. The photocopying issue in schools. Budget for the purchase of books. To reduce the cost of tendering process.

Law succeeds Atty. Domindor D. Arief Hakim takes over the post from Atty. Rodelio T. Dascil of Philippines. In his acceptance speech Mr. Law extended his thanks to the previous president, En. Buhain for his contributions to ABPA. Law hopes to continue the excellent efforts of En. Buhain and lead ABPA to greater heights. Penceramah Undangan: Encik Abu Bakar Bin Ahmad. Penolong Pegawai Penerbitan Kanan. Members can visit their website for more info about KDN on their various Akta or activities. Members would be happy with this new venue and that the lunch tasted good too.

Some members were seen collecting their new membership sijil while some paid their subscription fees at the front reception counter. Tee Yee Biau, the Penolong Pengarah. Dengan segala hormatnya perkara di atas adalah dirujuk. Bilik Melaka,. Perjumpaan ini bertujuan untuk membincangkan penglibatan Malaysia di pesta buku ini dan juga pesta buku antarabangsa yang lain. Sila maklumkan kehadiran di talian atau smazlin mbk.

Kerjasama yang diberikan oleh pihak Y. Saya, yang menjalankan tugas,. Majlis Buku Kebangsaan Malaysia. Sebanyak 13 anugerah akan diberi kepada karyawan termasuk satu anugerah utama yang akan diberi kepada penerbit iaitu Anugerah Tinta Perdana bagi buku terbaik keseluruhan. Hadiah wang tunai dan sijil diberi kepada karyawan manakala sijil penghargaan diberi kepada penerbit. Penerbit hendaklah menentukan penyertaannya berdasarkan salah satu daripada kategori berikut: Penilaian buku secara umumnya adalah berdasarkan kriteria yang meliputi aspek kandungan, keaslian, tarikan umum dan ciri khusus seperti berikut.

Setiap penyertaan hendaklah menggunakan borang yang disediakan dan tarikh akhir penyertaan adalah pada 31 Oktober Hantarkan penyertaan kepada alamat berikut: Siti Mazlin Abdul Rahman. Please fill up the form below and email back to us at info mabopa. The form has been circulated previously via mabopaonline mailing list. The Government has progressively increased the access as well as reduced the cost of education.

The only remaining fees are the examination fee for Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia and the annual fee for primary and secondary schools. Effective , all these fees will be abolished. With this, 5. With these measures, schooling in Malaysia is now completely free.

The Budget is, therefore, particularly significant as it is the first Budget as we enter the second 50 year-phase as an independent nation. In the first five decades of independence, the nation has achieved significant progress amidst peace and prosperity. As we enter the next 50 years, it is important that we leverage on the strength of our diversity and remain united in our quest towards achieving developed nation status.

Malaysians have undoubtedly enjoyed a substantial improvement in their quality of life since independence. Per capita income has increased 26 fold from RM in to RM20, in In the past 50 years, the nation had achieved remarkable economic growth with the Gross Domestic Product GDP increasing by 6. Our strong growth was achieved amidst low inflation as well as full employment. We have faced a number of crises during our journey. Our economic fundamentals continue to strengthen. The current account in the balance of payment registered a surplus for the past nine consecutive years since , with the surplus at Foreign direct investment FDI inflows have remained strong.

We have succeeded in providing world-class infrastructure facilities to support industrial development. Only in this way will our economic development be meaningful, with all Malaysians living in prosperity and harmony. The Budget will focus on three main strategies, namely: Private investment is anticipated to grow at a strong rate of 7. The Government is confident that this momentum will accelerate in the coming years. The Government is committed to provide a conducive investment climate for the private sector.

Currently, corporate tax is based on the imputation system. This system involves significant cost of compliance and administration to keep track of taxes paid at each level. To improve the efficiency and simplify the administration of corporate tax, the Government will implement a single-tier tax system, effective from the year of assessment With the single-tier system, dividends can be more easily distributed.

A transition period of 6 years will be provided to ensure smooth implementation of the single-tier system. I am confident that this reduction will have spill-over effects in terms of economic growth and employment opportunities. The reduction in corporate tax and the introduction of the single-tier system will enable higher dividends to be distributed to shareholders. Strengthening the Public Service Delivery System. An efficient public service is a key factor in ensuring a conducive environment to attract private investment. I am pleased that in the six months since its establishment, several improvements have already been implemented.

Among these are:. Reducing the period for refund of income tax from six months to between 14 to 30 days for e-filing applications;. Reducing the approval time for the Environmental Impact Assessment from three months to five weeks. I wish to announce that effective 1 January , private valuation will be allowed for purposes of assessment in stamp duty payment. This will enable the transfer of property to be executed pending the final valuation from the Valuation and Property Services Department.

PEMUDAH is reviewing the procedures for the issuance of business licenses and permits with the objective of reducing the number, as well as shortening the processing period through the greater use of ICT. Initially, this will apply to licenses and permits issued for the manufacturing sector and hotels. In addition, the number of documents used by government departments will be streamlined.

As a start, the Customs Department will merge 16 customs forms into four, effective 1 January The participation of the private sector in the implementation of the Certificate of Completion and Compliance CCC system has improved the public delivery system. In this regard, the Government accepted the certification by the private sector professionals on the basis of accountability and mutual trust.

Recognising the higher responsibility placed on professionals and the need to protect consumer interests, the Government proposes tax deduction for premiums paid on professional indemnity insurance. In addition, to ensure greater accountability, the Government proposes that all professionals and consultants be subject to service tax. The quality of human capital, especially of professionals and skilled workers, is critical in attracting greater investment flows.

Towards this, the Immigration Department will shorten the processing period for the issuance of work permit to 7 days for skilled workers, compared with 14 days previously. The Immigration Department will also introduce a new category of visa for business travellers, which will provide for a longer validity period. In addition, other features to facilitate easier entry will be introduced. All these measures will be effective 1 January Currently, multinational companies MNCs are increasingly setting up regional offices in Malaysia, which requires their skilled personnel to travel frequently to Malaysia.

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It is important, therefore, to facilitate their entry into the country. Hence, beginning 1 January , the process for obtaining professional visit passes for knowledge workers will be streamlined by enabling applications to be made in Malaysian embassies and consulates overseas. Currently, such visas can only be applied in the country of origin.

The Government has now decided that Indian and Chinese nationals can apply for MEVs in the country where they are residing or working. Initially, this facility will be made available in international financial centres, such as New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, effective 1 January The Malaysian capital market has evolved to become an important source of capital for corporates.

This is clearly reflected in the strong performance of Bursa Malaysia. Since early this year, the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index has moved up significantly, reaching 1, points on 6 September Market capitalisation has exceeded RM1 trillion. Currently, the Malaysian capital market is among the largest and most vibrant in South East Asia.

Among the factors that contribute to the capital market performance is the success of the GLC Transformation Programme. The GLC transformation has benefited many stakeholders, including customers, workers, suppliers and the Bumiputera business community, as well as the Government.

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Other private companies have also succeeded in their transformation processes. I am confident that well before , a number of Malaysian companies, including GLCs, will emerge as regional champions, competing alongside MNCs. I would like to commend the Securities Commission SC for their prompt action in dealing with corporate accounting frauds. All parties must be more vigilant in their effort towards enhancing corporate governance.


This Board will be responsible to monitor auditors of public companies to ensure that the quality and reliability of audited financial statements is enhanced. SGB EverydayIndulgence. Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putr Maklumat lanjut mengenai pesta buku: Dan juga group whatsapp; https: Nikon D Download a Free Trial of Luminar https: No credit card required. For Mac and Windows. Halloween at Facebook campus, Menlo Park. Made these two towers with base cake yesterday Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? But growing with huge debt is another thing.

A 5 year-old company is not that old and experienced. More often than not banks will refuse to finance them. Therefore credit must be given to the management because they have the muscle to incur such huge debts. Normally, this can only be made possible if the government persuade the local banks to lend or the government assure foreign banks of certain guarantee. The government does not explicitly guarantee for most of its debt. Already RM million was announced for last year.

The acquisition of its energy assets was not overpriced. But Ananda Krishnan strikes gold with RM2. The deal for Genting Power Plant is even more perplexing. The same RM2. Under whose world-class consultants did they pursue these transactions? But these assets largely derived from the revaluation of land and energy assets. The asset is on paper, but the debt is real. And the fees paid to banks are also real. Finland is a 3-hour flight from Manchester. This is a Nordic country, endowed with many trees for a very small population.

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It means that for every Finn, there are nearly 4. No wonder they are the most forested country in Europe. I am particularly impressed with the way they are developing their economy. Given the vast amount of trees, anyone would suggest Finland should export its wood to the rest of the world. And they have done it. Somehow, throughout the practice they may have realized that poor countries export raw materials and rich countries export more complex products made from raw materials from poor countries. Well, how do they become so rich and developed? Not content of being a mere exporter of furniture, the Finns is exploiting the raw materials that they have in a different way in order to be a developed society.

It is a well-known fact that the repeated process of repairing and replacing their axes and saws as they were chopping wood was instrumental in making them the producer of good machines that chop and cut wood. Soon the Finns realized that- why should they cut the wood manually? Maybe they were too tired. Whatever, they automated the machines that cut. After that, they used their expertise in producing automatic machines to develop technologies in other industries. Eventually they ended up in Nokia.